Chris Wolvie, (one of the) heir(s) to the tradition of cut-in pieces pioneered by Dickie Goodman and followed by Whimsical Will, is a 40-something relative anti-socialite who DOES get out on occasion (that Annual Pass to WDW has an expiration date, y'know). He likes pro wrestling, Weird Al, Disney, mermaids, game shows, Marvel movies, MST3K/RiffTrax and writing parodies (up to you to decide the order).

After Whimsical Will's 25-year run of making cut-in tracks for summer blockbusters (and one WINTER blockbuster), he hung up his mic and editing software to concentrate on the Demented News for Dr. Demento. Chris, having somewhat idolized Will for what he did, decided to pick up the baton and stumble with it like in a pub-crawl relay. He has made it on Dr. Demento with every cut-in he's done so far...and the internet comedy music shows love them as well. He DOES have a rival in Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto,...but it's a friendly rivalry; no blood has been shed or death threats sent...yet, anyway.




Here are links to the cut-in songs Chris has made so far (click the pictures to hear them):

Yeah, so, much like Whimsical Will tanked with HIS first cut-in "Howard the Duck", I tanked MY first. How was I to know this movie would suck eggs?! But, hey, this one made Dr. D's Top Ten for May '11 so... Ah, MUCH better! The movie that broke box-office records was my second attempt. And, I gotta admit, I was pleasantly surprised with how you guys reacted to this one. Much obliged. A-Log took my idea to do "Lone Ranger", but Plan B turned out pretty good. I'm sure Dickie Goodman would applaud me updating his "Super Superman" for the modern audiences.
This wasn't a hard decision to make for me. The next (futile) attempt to "Americanize" the King of Monsters just HAD to be destroyed by me. Consider it an homage to Will's original. Likewise, THIS could be an homage to the "Trip to Jurassic Park" trilogy Will did. I know I wanted to do this rather than "Avengers 2"...but I had no idea JW would beat the records "Avengers 1" set!
Both Dickie and Will made "Star Wars" I felt obligated to do one for Episode VII. All the songs are by "Weird Al" Yankovic...and "A-Log" helped out, too. See? TOLD you we were civil...THIS time, anyway.
Returning to the world of comics-turned-flicks, "X-Men: Apocalypse" was one of Fox's (unsuccessful) attempts to hang on to "mutants" and keep them out of Marvel Studios' mouse-hands!
The DC Extended Universe did NOT start off well...but, as this is the first WW film EVER, I was willing to give them a shot. In fact, with this cut-in, I shot them SEVERAL times! Was #1 on Dr. D. in June 2017! Thanks!
Let's face it; doing "Deadpool 2" or "Infinity War" was TOO easy. I decided to continue with the "Jurassic World" series. Was hard given what little info I got on the plot. But I made sure that dino was sore.
Will did one for a Spidey sequel, A-Log did I figured it was MY turn. The end of the MCU's "Infinity Saga" was a relative quickie but I liked the way it...spun out. *BADUM-TISH* Yeah, I was afraid I may have lost my touch after COVID-19 hit, but I mustered through with the cinematic start to "Phase Four" of the MCU.  What a way for Scarlett Johansson to go out, right? With this, I finished the trilogy.  And it was a toughie.  I leaned more on the demented music than popular music...and it made me wonder if I've lost touch completely with current music?  Well, @#$%, at least I can still crank these out!
  COMING IN 2024!
While the movie bombed ALMOST as bad as Green Lantern, I actually had a BLAST making this cut-up.  Searching for popular songs (as WELL as demented songs) was a bit tough, but I came out with what I think is one of my best ones ever! WHAT'S NEXT?! Others to be found on The FuMP Sideshow!



Chris has also made "iRiffs" for sale on RiffTrax's website. RiffTrax is run by the guys from MST3K and they allow independent "riffers" to sell their wares on their site (for a share of the profit, of course). Here are the ones avaliable from Chris' "Animation Ripping Theater":

A tale as old as time...getting the ripping it deserves. A fat untalented creature...and the panda he voiced. The most overrated reindeer of all...
  75 years later, the FIRST animated film gets dwarfed!



Chris writes parodies...though very few have actually been recorded. Click here to take a look at them. WARNING: if you're especially political (to EITHER side), don't bother; you'll just get pissed!


Chris does like his WWE rasslin'. And he has many and varied opinions on the topic. You can find them all here dating back to WrestleMania 34.



Why in the world WOULD you? But, if you absolutely must:
Twitter: @ChrisWolvie